Pop Can Baby Scales - Bag of 50 - Mystery Cans- Limited Quantities

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Baby Sized Anodized Aluminum Flat Scales - Bag of 50 scales - Mystery Can

These are laser cut with NO curve. They are Flat. The curve in other scales we carry is made when the punch squishes the metal into shape. We are not using a punch to make these, so they are flat. You can bend them slightly with pliers if you want them to have a ridge or curve.

These are laser cut on a fiber laser. There is slight roughness on the edges, but they aren't sharp.  The metal is very thin, so you don't want to bend them when weaving.  You might find some of the scrap bits in your bag - the edges pop off VERY easily - fingers or pliers and the hole will pop out as soon as you push your jump ring against it. They are very light weight and what a unique way to recycle or upcycle!  We do recommend a quick tumble or wash when you are finished weaving as they feel a little sticky no matter how many times we prewash the cans!!!

These are made from Pop cans!  Mystery Cans are COOL cans we find just a few of here or there -- they are generally such small runs it's not worth listing.  If you have a colour WISH - you can add an order NOTE - but no promises... it will be what we have in the mystery bin, but we always try and send what you ask for!

They measure 12mm long, 7.5mm wide and the hole is 1.7mm – so a 16swg ring fits.

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