Dragonfly Kit and Tutorial

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Dragonfly Kit - Makes 2 Dragonflies!

This Dragonfly Pendant kit is an original design by Carmen McLellan of Twisted Links Jewlery in Calgary.
This tutorial is an intermediate level tutorial and it assumes that you can make Full Persian.

This kit includes a printed colour instruction booklet. It includes the supplies to make 2 dragonflies. You can choose general colour choice, but to change the specific colours of the body and wings we recommend you order the individual supplies and mix and match yourself. If we offered a whole list of color options there would be delay in building these kits! So we will include two colours of Anodized Aluminum Jump Rings, An appropriate colour of rubber, and the color scale of your choice with either silver or gold for plain bottom scale.

Click here to order Dragonfly Scales!


  • All Project kits come with all rings, instructions, and findings needed to make the project as photoed and described above.
  • You will need pliers - one pair for each hand to complete this project.
  • We recommend pliers with no teeth - Our favourite tool are these Xurons.  They are the best tool we have found!
  • These Chain Nose pliers are a less expensive tool but work well for these kits.
  • These Wide Nose pliers are great for kits that use rings larger than 18 gauge.

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