Posted by Shelley on 23rd Jul 2020

So It looks like USPS is finally starting to show some delay in processing our packages.  Our Tuesday July 21 box arrives as normal, but they haven't scanned them yet.  So sorry for this delay - but it is out of our hands.  Please be patient with USPS as they are doing their best.  Details can been found on their website

Summer shipping Update! Our USA boxes have been going Tuesday & Thursdays for a few weeks and it's working really well. This means a box doesn't sit over a weekend in a shipping warehouse, but arrives in the USA on Saturday. They have been really slow this week scanning our packages at USPS but we can't control that -- we hope it doesn't keep happening, but at are their mercy to deliver for your packages. Canada post packages leave Mon-Friday. And USA bound packages leave us Tuesday and Thursday. We will continue this schedule and reassess in September! Thanks!