Short Staffed and Holidays being taken

Short Staffed and Holidays being taken

Posted by Shelley on 3rd Mar 2023

First we are now short Staffed and doing out best to find our new normal.  This means that the turn around for your orders might be Next day or 2-3 days, rather than the same day to next day we've always strived for to be our normal.   We would appreciate your kindness and support when there are delays.  We will work hard to do our best, and fastest work, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Second and hardest - Our Main Ring Cutter is taking off a month to go on Holidays to China.  He's working really hard to get caught up on overstock - so it might not affect us too much.  I'm expecting that while he is away, we will simply have to take out of stock items OFF your order and issue a store credit as we normally do - And then take the missing items off the website until they are restocked.  Our support that was supposed to help during this time quit with NO notice, and we don't have time to train new help.

WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY WHOLESALE OR STORE ORDERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE -- I'm Very sorry about this - but it is what it is.  We are doing our best.  We have to take care of everyone and right now we need to figure out how to find our new balance.

We've worked really hard the last 22 years to take care of all our customers - that will continue.  We just ask for your paitence and kindness when there are delays.  We are doing our very best, but somethings are out of our control.