Local Pick up is available again - PLEASE READ

Posted by Shelley on 24th Apr 2019

Local Pick up option is back on the website. Please be KIND and considerate when picking up at the Wool Emporium.  They are open 10am - 5pm Mon - Saturday.

DO NOT PHONE THE WOOL EMPORIUM FOR ANY REASON to ask them about your Metal Designz Order! If you have questions - phone ME!  I know the answers! It's really unfair to bother them with your phone calls.  You order will be there when it gets there.  PLEASE BE PATIENT!!

When your package is dropped off at the Wool Emporium,  I will mark your order COMPLETE on my end. You will get the notification email that your order is complete. We will take packages once or twice a week - not everyday.  

We will Cancel this option if anyone is RUDE to the sweet ladies at the Wool Emporium, or If I get any attitude or nastiness about this service option.

Please realize this option is to HELP YOU - But we have had to remove it once because of Poor customer behavior.  PLEASE Do NOT Ruin this for everyone!!