Credit Card - Double Charge?? PHONE ME!!!

Posted by Shelley on 2nd Jul 2019

Hey everyone.  Once in a while we have an error on the website where an order is charged twice to your credit card. I'd not sure WHY this happens - if it is a Big Commerce Error, or a Moneris (Bank) error -- But I can fix this issue easily if you let me know it has happened.  If you call your bank and do a Chargeback - we pay HUGE bank fee fine - like more than $100 - to make sure we aren't doing something bad on purpose I guess?

I have been running my business to the best of my ability with honor and integrity for 18 years now and would never double charge you on purpose.  I will also fix as fast as I can, so PLEASE communicate with me! I will catch the error and fix it at month end when I am doing paper work - but you will likely notice before I do!!

Thanks so much!