Christmas Season shipping info...

Posted by Shelley on 2nd Dec 2020

Here comes the holidays!! 

Shipping has been crazy this year in a pandemic. All postal services including couriers are at their breaking point due to COVID 19, Online shopping, and now made worse by the upcoming holidays.

We are doing our best to ship your orders as fast as we can. We lost all our Christmas shows, which is good for our shipping speeds as we haven’t had to travel, or give our attention elsewhere even for weekend. Please place your time sensitive orders sooner than later, as we don’t want anyone to be disappointed!

I have been shipping a minimum of 4-5 hours each weekend day, preparing for a Monday pickup of Canadian, USA, and international packages. Your orders are literally moving as fast as we can make them go. We are also shipping USA boxes daily, which makes your order move much faster too!

As far as we understand ALL shipping companies and couriers have cancelled their service guarantees for the season. This means if they deliver your package late, we cannot refund your shipping, as we cannot get a refund. It is what it is. We all just need to be patient and kind.

Please do NOT attack me via email or phone if your order is delayed by shipping. I cannot do anything more than you can do, which is reach out to the shipping company and politely ask for updates or assistance. Once I hand your package to the shipping companies I have no control, and do not need to be treated disrespectfully just because you are frustrated. Please remember we are all human and doing our best.

That being said – I am always here to help if there is an issue with your order. I just request you do this in a kind and friendly matter. I respond much better to kindness and appreciate all my customers and try to treat you the same.

Please note that weather can affect shipping times – whether it is blizzards in western Canada or hurricanes on the east coast… We can’t control the weather and we need everyone to be understanding that these issues can happen.

The amount of packages that are being handled by the various shipping companies is immense. I doubt anyone has seen a season like what we are doing now, and I just ask that you all can find some patience and kindness for the people delivering your packages in a pandemic. It’s not an easy job and without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer you our products… so thank you to all the shipping partners we work with.

We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season! We appreciate you and thank you for your patronage!

Shelley, Joseph & Chad