Bicycle Chain Bracelet Kit

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Bicycle Chain Bracelet Kit

Beginner Level Kit.  We came across a cute pattern in the Oct 2009 issue of Bead & Button (page 84-85) called Bicycle Chain by Luan Carnevale.  It uses 9mm glass rings, which we stock since Dylon Whyte uses them in several patterns in his book Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry. We've discovered that each different colour bead we stock is slightly different in size, which means sometimes the weave is a little more loose than in another colour bead. If you find it is too loose for your liking, you can adapt this pattern by changing the step one ring size to 18g 7/32". 
Kit contains: Bright Aluminum Jump rings and Glass rings, and clasp to make an 8" bracelet.


  • All Project kits come with all rings, instructions, and findings needed to make the project as photoed and described above.
  • You will need pliers - one pair for each hand to complete this project.
  • We recommend pliers with no teeth - Our favourite tool are these Xurons.  They are the best tool we have found!
  • These Chain Nose pliers are a less expensive tool but work well for these kits.
  • These Wide Nose pliers are great for kits that use rings larger than 18 gauge.

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